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Female Personal Assistant

Location: Flanshaw, Wakefield, Yorkshire Rate of Pay: £8.00 per hour

Hours per Week: 22hrs per week

Job Reference: WAK112766LS5 Expires: 6th February 2019

Female Personal Assistant (EQUALITY ACT 2010 SCHEDULE 9, PART 1 APPLIES)

About the Employer

I am a lady with cerebral palsy and live independently in my own home with support.

I have an electric wheelchair which I use to go out and I use crutches while I am in the house.

I have a great sense of humour and enjoy knitting and lots of different craft making.



Summary of Duties

The duties will include the following:

·         all aspects of personal care including showering, dressing/undressing, assistance with getting to/from commode

·         assistance with preparing and making meals and general household duties as and when required

·         support to attend any medical appointments and social outings as and when required

·         feeding 2 cats and clearing out litter tray when required

The Person They Are Looking For

The person I am looking for must be trustworthy, honest with a good sense of humour and also a team player.

Car owner and full valid driving license preferred (business insurance would be required) but none drivers and car owners will also be considered.

The Times Required

Sundays – 8am to 9.30am, 12pm to 12.30pm & 5pm to 6pm

Mondays – 8am to 9.30am & 12pm to 12.30pm

Tuesdays – 8am to 9.30am & 12pm to 12.30pm

Wednesdays – 8am to 9.30am & 12pm to 12.30pm

Thursdays – 8am to 9.30am & 12pm to 12.30pm

Fridays – 8am to 9.30am & 12pm to 12.30pm

1hr per week to attend any medical appointments

8hrs per week social outings (days/times to be agreed)

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