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Personal Assistant

Location: Earlsdon, Midlands Rate of Pay: £11.00

Hours per Week: 10 hrs

Job Reference: JC09.06 Expires: 15th October 2018

Female Personal Assistant (SEX DISCRIMINATION ACT SECTION 7 (2) (B) (ii) APPLIES)

About the Employer

I live with my wife in Earlsdon. We are a retired couple. My wife had a stroke around 3 years ago and requires assistance with daily living while being encouraged to maintain her independence and improve her functioning whenever possible. I would be your employer.

Sight of a satisfactory current DBS check is required. You will also be required to provide two satisfactory references.




Summary of Duties

- Assistance with personal care (washing/showering) and applying ointments after to deal with a skin condition.

- Assistance with toileting.

- Assistance with selecting clothes and dressing.

- Assistance with nutrition - food and drink preparation.

- Light domestic tasks, e.g. tidying kitchen after breakfast, putting laundry in the washing machine.

- Hoisting is not involved but assistance with wheelchair transfers is required.

- Working with an OT to develop an activity program for my wife with the aim of increasing her independence.


The Person They Are Looking For

I'm looking for a PA who is patient and understanding and will be able to provide sensitive support when carrying out all tasks.

You will have excellent communication skills. Although my wife is unable to speak, she is able to understand speech and responds to communication. It's therefore essential that you speak with her at all times, both 'talking her through tasks' and engaging in enjoyable 'chat'.

Prior experience of care work isn't a requirement but an interest in this field is - and importantly, you will be committed to promoting my wife's independence at all times and helping her achieve goals.

Reliability is essential.

The Times Required

Monday - Friday, £11.00/hr

Monday to Friday, 2hrs per morning from 8.30am to 10.30am. A little flexibility around start/finish times may be rquired (and can be accommodated) at times.

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