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Female Personal Assistant - Must Drive

Location: Atherstone, Midlands Rate of Pay: £9.20 per hour

Hours per Week: 64 hours over a 4 week period with flexibility to cover other PAs annual leave and/or sick leave. For a breakdown of the hours, see times required section below

Job Reference: JKRN2 Expires: 13th July 2018

Female Personal Assistant (SEX DISCRIMINATION ACT SECTION 7 (2) (B) (ii) APPLIES)

About the Employer

I am a young lady with a learning disability living in Atherstone who is looking to develop a fantastic working relationship with a team of personal assistants to enable me to live as independently as possible in the family home.

I am very proud of my achievements and need support to empower me to do even more and to achieve my personal ambitions.

Several things I would like you to know about me-I have a good sense of humour and a likeable personality and enjoy company of others.

I like to go to the gym and being out and about, hoping that with my personal assistants supporting me we can enhance this.

I also enjoy spending time with my pet rabbit.

I can get anxious in some situations which can be managed by me. My hope is that my personal assistant can support me to manage my anxiety by remaining calm.

I do not like to use lifts and/or escalators so they will need to be avoided.

I do have epilepsy but this is medication controlled.

Summary of Duties

The main duties are:-

To support me on a one to one basis and to co-operate with me, my representatives and other team members in meeting my needs.

To support me to maintain and develop daily living skills.

To support me with all aspects of personal care as necessary (e.g. washing, bathing and getting dressed).

To support me with medical appointments and my medication.

To support me to attend my volunteer activities and my work in a charity shop by getting me up in the morning and organised so that I can attend my day’s task.

To undertake normal domestic duties related to me, such as tidying my room and keeping it clean and safe.

To organise and participate in events, activities and experiences which involve me in the local community in a positive manner.

To encourage and enable me to make and maintain relationships with friends, family and neighbours.

To transport me to and from my home and various locations by car daily basis as necessary. . Mileage will be paid if using your own car.

To undertake any other reasonable tasks or duties as specified by myself, or my representatives.

The Person They Are Looking For

The following are ESSENTIAL requirements for this post:

The ability to work on a one to one basis with me and as part of the team in providing support for myself.

The ability to work flexibly within the team to ensure continuity of service during periods of annual leave and sickness.

The ability to empower me in reaching my full potential in all aspects of independent daily living.

The ability to communicate effectively with me and to put me at the centre of all you do whilst supporting me.

The ability to take responsibility for my wellbeing and or the safety and security of my home and my possessions.

The ability to support me with all aspects of personal care.

To understand and demonstrate a healthy lifestyle and to take a positive and active role in activities such as walking, swimming and attending the gym

The ability to organise and participate in events, activities and experiences which involve me in the local community in a positive manner.

The ability to encourage and maintain positive relationships with friends, family and neighbours.

To understand the importance of maintaining confidential information.

The ability to cope under pressure and in stressful situations whilst maintaining security and stability for me.

To be reliable, punctual, and honest.

To possess a full clean driving licence and be able to drive a car for use in taking me between my home and various other locations.

The ability to maintain your professional development.

To demonstrate initiative and possess creative skills that can enhance the quality of the service I receive.

To demonstrate respect and dignity at all times

The ability to maintain the highest levels of professionalism and integrity at all times in the performance of your duties.

The Times Required

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 2:30 pm.

Wednesday: 8:30 am to 3:00 pm.

Alternate Saturdays: 1:30 pm to 7:30 pm.


As referenced above, the breakdown of hours (weekly) is as follows:

Week 1 and 3: 13 hours per week - Tuesdays & Wednesdays.

Week 2 and 4: 19 hours per week - Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Saturdays.

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