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Personal Assistant

Location: Courthouse Green, Coventry, Midlands Rate of Pay: £10.50 per hour

Hours per Week: 9 hrs per week

Job Reference: SM/JC 5.1 Expires: 15th June 2018

About the Employer

My son is 21 years old man and we live in the Courthouse Green area of Coventry. He has autistic spectrum disorder and likes routine. He’s happy at home with his family and pets and is very interested in ‘Dr Who’ and ‘Star Trek’ so an interest in either or both would be useful. We’d like to explore activities out of the house but it would be necessary to accompany him as his awareness of danger is limited. I would be your employer.

Summary of Duties

Duties will include:

Spending quality time with me – either at home or outside.

Encouraging me to be more independent but recognising I’m comfortable with things I know and am familiar with.

Taking me out on days for activities, shopping or visits.

Personal care isn’t involved but prompts with washing, drying and dressing (and occasionally toileting) are required. Moving & handling aren’t required. 

The Person They Are Looking For

I’m looking for a PA who can offer flexible support at various times depending on whatever opportunities for activities crop up. This is likely to be in the week.

You must be patient, understanding and calm. You will have good communication skills and be able to communicate with my son and interact appropriately. You will be hardworking and committed to developing his trust and understanding within the role.

Experience of working with people who have autistic spectrum disorder would be advantageous as would first aid training.

The Times Required

I require support for 9 hours per week (Mon-Fri) to be arranged at mutually agreeable times. Start and finish times will vary according to activities arranged. Reliability, flexibility and good timekeeping are therefore essential.

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