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Female Child Support Worker - Polish Speaker Preferred

Location: Warwick, Midlands Rate of Pay: £10.00 per hour plus mileage allowance up to 15 miles per week

Hours per Week: 2 hours per week or 8 hours over a 4 week period to be arranged and mutually agreed in advance. See times required below for more info

Job Reference: MKRK Expires: 13th July 2018

Female Personal Assistant (SEX DISCRIMINATION ACT SECTION 7 (2) (B) (ii) APPLIES)

About the Employer

To be part of, having fun and making a difference to a loving child living in her challenging autistic world.  To provide specialist support and understanding in creating a positive friendship and the development of social, independent and life skills.

To be able to guide our daughter with social, practical, communication and emotional support as she has an Autistic spectrum disorder. This can affect her ability to communicate appropriately according to social rules and boundaries within a safe environment.

Summary of Duties

The aim of the experienced support worker is to work in positive ways which recognizes a service that is respectful and focuses on our daughter’s strengths, abilities and enhancing her daily life.

As our daughter has generalised epilepsy with photosensitive epilepsy which is medication controlled and monitored by us there may be a requirement to administer emergency medication- training will be given.

Our daughter also has Asthma related to seasonal air allergens (grass, rye, wheat, cereal) - P.A will need to ensure our daughter has her inhaler with her at all times.

P.A will need to be mindful of our daughter and monitored at all times when eating- feeding plan is in place and will be made available to the P.A.

Our daughter has prescriptions for numerous medicines, all of which are administered by us.

This is a supportive role that requires positivity and a ‘can do’ attitude to provide encouragement and guidance to our daughter in social interaction, accessing social activities and guiding her to enhance her friendships with her peers.

Activities will include swimming, music clubs, trampolining and dance.

Be able to work in a supportive and calm manner when faced in dealing with stressful situations.  Anxiety is a normal response to stressful situations. 

However when it becomes severe or prolonged this can interfere with everyday life.

To assist our daughter to maintain her well-being and social inclusion and supporting her through self-management of stress e.g and recognizing when quiet time is needed or calm breathing techniques.

Provide practical support in daily living and problem solving skills.

To support our daughter to feel respected and valued.

Be flexible and tolerant in communicating needs and routines.

Making time to listen (give guidance on limiting repetition due to echolalic speech disorder) and enjoy interactions.

It may prove difficult at times for our daughter to understand expectations and instructions.

When supporting always explain what you are doing and why in a clear and concise manner. 

If our daughter requires support with intimate personal activities, such as washing or showering, do this sensitively and make sure you remain close and ensure the door is kept closed if other people are around.

A commitment to a service which provides support to vulnerable individuals, and which is respectful and according to my daughter’s wishes.

Ensure her right to privacy is respected.

Commitment to anti-oppressive and non-discriminatory practice.

Complete and maintain accurate timesheets/mileage sheets.

You have a responsibility as an Employee to report all accidents to me as your employer immediately.  You must record all details in the accident book.

You have a duty to report defects and / or hazards which may give rise to an accident.

Perform any other task that may be reasonably requested of the post.

The Person They Are Looking For


Polish speaker preferred but not essential.

Good communication skills- relating to an understanding of Autism.

To be even tempered and have an easy going personality.

Be honest, reliable and trustworthy.

Be professional, friendly and have willing disposition.

Be pro-active.

Ability to empathise.

Self-motivated and a willingness to get involved.

Possess a strong sense of responsibility.

To have good listening skills and be able to provide non-judgemental emotional support.

Organisational and administrative skills.

Ability to work methodically and accurately.

Creative and good at problem solving.

Be patient, supportive and caring.

To possess motivational skills but to also respect views and wishes.

Be enthusiastic and have a good sense of humour.

An understanding of y privacy and confidentiality in all areas of your work.

To be an advocate at times when needed.

A commitment to the care and well-being of my daughter.

Knowledge and understanding of issues relating to my daughter.

Driver and car owner – Must have business insurance.

The Times Required

As stated above, 2 hours per week or 8 hours over a 4 week period to be arranged and mutually agreed in advance.

PA will mostly be required to provide support at weekends, after school and during school holidays and any highlighted support gaps all of which to be arranged and mutually agreed in advance.

Support sessions will be alongside family members initially until young person is comfortable with a new person in her life.

Times required: agreed in advance.

Days required: support will initially be agreed in advance until a pattern of support is developed.

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