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Personal Assistants

Location: Bedworth, Midlands Rate of Pay: £9.50 per hour

Hours per Week: 18 hours per week

Job Reference: ACBR Expires: 29th August 2018

About the Employer

I am a 32 year old man and live in Bedworth with my family. I would like to benefit from social inclusion in local community to promote my independence, this I find quite difficult due to my disability ‘Autism’ and learning difficulties.

I have Epilepsy which is medication controlled.

I also have Asthma will leads to allergies to certain types of pet hairs, horse hair etc.

Summary of Duties

The personal assistant will be expected to do the following tasks;

1. Provide 1:1 support to develop my daily living skills.

2. Medication support

3. Preparation of meals.

4. Shopping

5. Light domestic duties.

6. Assistance with personal care when required.

7. Transporting me to and from events.

8. Maintain my safety at all times.


Social Duties

1. Accessing public areas e.g. ;cinema, bowling etc.

2. Swimming/gym

3. Rainbow theatre drama group

4. Eating out

5.Evening Events

The Person They Are Looking For

I am looking for a personal assistant who will help me expand my daily living skills and work towards my independence. I would like to be able to venture outside my home environment taking part in local activities and further afield activities – this is why a driver is essential.

Applicant must advise of any pets they have as allergies affect my well-being and can have a severe impact

I have very little verbal communication and use some Makaton sign language. This is an area for improvement along with my challenging behaviour – please don’t be put off!

As a personal assistant your job will be to provide me with 1:1 support within this role.

One of your key responsibilities is to ensure my safety at all times. I am physically able to do some of my personal care myself but require assistance from time to time.

I am looking for someone who is reliable, caring, calm, sensible in a crisis, flexible and keen to learn.

You will need the patience to support me through my challenging behaviour bouts and someone understanding of my needs.

Finally there will be an obligation to respect the confidentiality of mine and my family’s privacy.

Experience is not essential but advantageous.

You must be able to demonstrate the ability to promote and support people with learning disabilities to enjoy a valued lifestyle and achieve their maximum potential to ‘ordinary living’

Should you feel you have the qualities I am looking for please complete the application form and I look forward to hearing from you.

The Times Required

Times required: to be confirmed at interview.

Days required: Monday to Sunday.

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