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Personal Assistant

Location: Flintshire - Deeside, Wales Rate of Pay: £8.25 per hour.

Hours per Week: Up to 8 hours per week

Job Reference: F0265 Expires: 27th April 2018

About the Employer

He is highly intelligent, having a background in music and the visual arts, including a first class honours degree in contemporary fine art.

In 2015 he was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome. Although acutely aware that he has always been 'different', the diagnosis served to contextualise his experiences, rather than relieving the 'differences'.

He often finds the behaviour, and actions, of others difficult to interpret and, consequently, struggles with the consuming distress this ignites; distress that continues to build long after the initial interaction, undermining his sense of self and leading to overwhelming feelings of alienation and social isolation.

He has encountered numerous barriers along the way that have caused him considerable frustration, conflict and spawned an enduring tenacity to challenge their validity and firmly focus on their removal.  

He naturally displays an empathy for others, expressing a commitment for things to be 'right' for everyone; and not solely prompted by self-interest.

Summary of Duties

Being there. He is looking for the right person to assist him with the things that matter, but which he finds incredibly challenging, and debilitating.

The role will involve offering support to encourage a more positive sense of self, enabling a constructive and optimistic interpretation of the future, whilst providing both stability and continuity.

Translating the dynamics created within social situations, referencing alternative perspectives on the behaviour of others, and his subsequent response.

Researching, contacting and negotiating with suitable art galleries, aiming to identify, and arrange potential exhibitions of his work. 

Dealing with official correspondence and liaising with other support points both with, and on, his behalf.

The Person They Are Looking For

You will need to be reliable, friendly, confident and possess a well-developed sense of humour and have the ability to actively 'think beyond the box'.

A degree of flexibility may be required in relation to the hours, and days, worked.

An interest in the visual arts and music is desirable, but far from essential; whereas the 'right' attitude and an open, and flexible, approach is likely to be of more practical value than relevant qualifications and experience.

The right person will need to spend time getting to know him in order to both build, and develop, a trusting relationship.

A patient, and responsive approach will be required to establish the basis of a workable and beneficial way forward.

The Times Required

To be mutually agreed employer and employee – a degree of flexibility may be required

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