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Personal Assistant

Location: Birmingham, Midlands Rate of Pay: £9.00 per hour

Hours per Week: 6 Hours per week, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursday 2hrs per day

Job Reference: MP/JB31 Expires: 31st January 2018

Female Personal Assistant (SEX DISCRIMINATION ACT SECTION 7 (2) (B) (ii) APPLIES)

About the Employer

Young woman aged 26 years old, living in the Longbridge area.  I have recently finished university and I am now looking for employment. 

I do voluntary work two days a week.

Summary of Duties

At the moment I am only able to eat microwave meals and I would like to eat more fresh food.

I don’t eat meat or fish and I would like someone to help me cook vegetarian meals from scratch. 

Your duties would include cooking, tidying up and washing up after meal preparation. 

When I get a job I would need to assistance in changing out of my work clothes into my casual clothes.  Therefore I am only seeking a female personal assistant.

The Person They Are Looking For

I am looking for  a female who is reliable and has had some experience with working in the care industry.

I would need someone who is able to give some flexibility in their hours of work.

I would like someone who is able to cook vegetarian dishes and is not phased by not having to put meat in a dish!

The Times Required

Approximately between the hours of 6-8pm.

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