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Female Personal Assistant

Location: Atherstone, Midlands Rate of Pay: £9.50 per hour

Hours per Week: 9 hours per week

Job Reference: LKRD Expires: 1st December 2017

Female Personal Assistant (SEX DISCRIMINATION ACT SECTION 7 (2) (B) (ii) APPLIES)

About the Employer

I am a young, independent, disabled woman in the Atherstone area who requires assistance with some aspects of day to day living and socialising. I would like support to enable me to increase my confidence and independence in completing domestic tasks. Supporting me to care for my son and accessing community activities.


Summary of Duties

To support with personal care.

Assist with daily exercises to support my physio treatment.

Support me to access the local community.

Support to go on outings using your own vehicle.

Support with meal and drink preparations.

Prompting me with daily tasks and relearning skills such as cooking and ironing.

Assisting me with accessing social activities for myself and my son.

Using handling and mobility equipment such as my wheelchair.

(Instruction will be given if required)

To be flexible with day and hours worked in emergencies.

You will need to be a good listener, have an understanding of the need for confidentiality Have the ability to work and communicate with me respectfully inside or outside the family home.

You have a responsibility as an Employee to report all accidents to me as your employer immediately.  You must record all details in the accident book.

You have a duty to report defects and / or hazards which may give rise to an accident.

Accident book kept on site.

The Person They Are Looking For

Driver with business insurance.

Good sense of humour with a positive outlook on life.

To be even tempered and have an easy going personality.

Be honest, reliable and trustworthy.

Ability to listen and communicate effectively.

Able to work flexibly and follow instructions accurately.

Be patient, supportive and caring.

To possess motivational skills but to also respect my views and wishes.

You will also need to respect my privacy and have an understanding of confidentiality in all areas of your work.

The Times Required

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

10:00 - 13:00

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