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Personal Assistant

Location: City of London, London Rate of Pay: £15 per hour

Hours per Week: 9.5 hours per day

Job Reference: 1435038 Expires: 21st November 2017

About the Employer

The employer is a young driven disabled professional working in finance. His job day to day is extremely varied, ranging from data manipulation and analysis to the writing of long form research notes.


He is a very social and outgoing person who endeavours to maintain a friendly but professional relationship with both his employees and work colleagues.

Summary of Duties

Assist in all tasks related to work, including scribing, note/minute taking, aiding in the manipulation of a PC, aiding in the organisation of documents and performing other organisational/administrative tasks.


If required, assist in the preparation of meals (and shopping for these).

The Person They Are Looking For

We are look for an exceptionally reliable and dedicated person who has a previous background in providing support in a working environment. The candidate must be an experienced Microsoft Office user, with the ability to touch type and hand write clearly and efficiently. Finally, it would be desirable that the candidate has some experience in basic data handling.


It should be noted that the employer is entirely dependent on his PA to complete his daily work load and it is therefore essential that the candidate is responsible for managing their time and cover when required.


Available to start the week beginning 2nd October 2017.

The Times Required


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