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Personal Assistant

Location: Herefordshire,Hereford, Bishopstone, South West Rate of Pay: £10 + holiday + pension

Hours per Week: Flexible

Job Reference: 158RS X Expires: 7th December 2018

About the Employer

The vacancy is to support a 39 year old autistic man with severe learning difficulties. The service user has complex needs related to his autism and learning difficulties. However he is usually well behaved, quiet and responds well in conversation.

Summary of Duties

Both domestic and community. The work will involve keeping his home clean, cooking, laundry, helping the service user with his pet rabbits. He will also need assistance with personal hygiene, dressing appropriately and shaving.

The service user lives 6 miles west of Hereford so a car driver would be preferable.

There is a bus service which the service user can use with a carer for free after 10 a.m.

Basic week day accommodation is available if distance is an issue.

The Person They Are Looking For

The service user can communicate clearly at a basic level but does sometimes suffer from anxiety in that he will repeat what he is saying many times. Employee will be given full support and training understanding and managing his condition. His autism is not easily recognizable and behaviours are not always understood in the community. Training will be given for these and all other situations. We are looking for someone who has a calm nature, expresses empathy, understanding and has a keen willingness to help others.

The Times Required


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