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Personnal Assistant

Location: Birmingham, Acocks Green, B27, Midlands Rate of Pay: weekdays £8.50 per hour weekends £9.50 per hour

Hours per Week: casual contract approx 8-10 hours could be more

Job Reference: LB/27DC Expires: 16th September 2018

About the Employer

I am 48 years of age [male] and I have learning difficulties and suffer from some autistic tendencies making social contact difficult.  I do not have any physical disabilites, but I only have a few topics of conversation.

Summary of Duties

If required, assist in the preparation of meals (and shopping for these).

Undergo relevant training for professional development (and be paid the time taken for this).

Act as an escort for day to day and recreational activities. 


Maintain timesheets etc., keeping them complete, up to date and correct and to submit these to my payroll provider when required.

To arrive for work at the agreed time and give notification if you are going to be late.

Establish a close working relationship on a one-to-one basis and discuss and resolve problems as they arise.

Be open in communication and maintain means of contact as required.

Respect privacy and maintain a constant professional approach.

Preserve  dignity and support me in maintaining independence in my chosen lifestyle at all times.

Respect possessions and equipment and gain  consent for the use of equipment, e.g. telephone, television, etc. 

Use of own mobile phone, music equipment not permitted whilst on duty.

Needs can vary on a daily basis, therefore duties and tasks may alter accordingly. You are reasonably expected to perform duties of a similar or related nature to those outlined above. For example I get satisfaction out of gardening but I lack recognition when tasks should be carried out threfore need encouragment/ help to undertake.

If there are to be significant changes to your job description, I reserve the right to give you not less than one month’s notice in writing of these, and you will be deemed to have accepted them unless you notify me of your objection in writing before the end of the notice period.

The Person They Are Looking For

Someone who is generally happy and has a warm /chatty personality capable of filling in the gaps[when i am quite/moody] who is used to working with people like myself and is experienced enough to get the best out of me, without shouting or getting frustrated.



The Times Required

Variable [mostly late pm]

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