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Personal Assistant

Location: Wandsworth, London Rate of Pay: £9.50

Hours per Week: 9 hours per week

Job Reference: 1439539 Expires: 4th December 2017

Female Personal Assistant (SEX DISCRIMINATION ACT SECTION 7 (2) (B) (ii) APPLIES)

About the Employer

Summary of Duties

- Prepare food and drink under employers direction

- Accompany employer out when required, during which employer will need assistance with physical activities.

- Dust surfaces and objects, hoover abode once, weekly.

- Clean bathroom wiping surfaces and clean the toilet twice, weekly.

- Washing and drying up, clean the kitchen wiping the surfaces thoroughly

- Clean the oven once a month

- Change bed weekly and do laundry twice a week

- Take rubbish and recycling out of the bins

The Person They Are Looking For

The Times Required

1.5 hours flexible during week

7.5 hours set during the week (Monday to Friday 2pm - 3:30pm)

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