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Personal Assistant

Location: Gloucestershire, Cheltenham, South West Rate of Pay: £12 per hour, with a bonus payment as described, on successful conclusion of the clearance work.

Hours per Week: 20 hours per week

Job Reference: 112RS Expires: 20th November 2017

About the Employer

I am a 25 year old  woman  living in the Park area of Cheltenham. I am capable in many ways – mobile, bus-savvy and able to wash dress and feed myself – but I have learning disability issues as a result of encephalitis when I was 5 and then many years of epilepsy (now controlled).  I often lose my way in town, and need someone to find me.   I am an obsessive shopper, especially charity shops, and where I live has many rooms full of years of bags.  I have many OCD traits.

I need a reliable, sensitive but most importantly, firm personal assistant who can support me and lead me with activities to dispose of many items where I live.

Summary of Duties

Accompanying me to appointments and on shopping trips using your car (I will pay you a mileage allowance).

 Assisting me with correspondence and other paperwork.

 Assistance with occasional meal preparation.

 Accompanying me to church services, meetings, events, swimming and other activities.

 KEY REQUIREMENT: Leading me in a methodical room by room, bag by bag, analysis of items and quickly deciding whether to keep, throw, donate or sell.  Following through on whatever needs doing with the items.  Successful conclusion of this work will pay a bonus, but will take a long time and great patience.

The Person They Are Looking For

You must be a non-smoker

You must like dogs and cats

You must have a firm, decisive approach to dealing with the clearance work described

You must have a full British driving licence and the use of a car

I need a reliable, energetic, sensitive and firm personal assistant who can help me to improve my independence and get my life organised

The Times Required

A mixture of mornings, afternoons, evenings and weekends

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