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Location: Warwick, Midlands Rate of Pay: £8.00 plus up to 20 miles at 35 pence per mile

Hours per Week: 3 hours per week: to be discussed further at interview stage

Job Reference: LSKH Expires: 20th November 2017

About the Employer

To provide social and practical support to a 54 year old woman who lives with mental health issues.  Your main role as my support worker will be to help organise and assist in days out and motivate and encourage me to take up interests/hobbies within the local community. I use to be a keen swimmer and with the right support would eventually like to start doing this again.

Summary of Duties

This is a support role that requires motivational, organisational skills and the ability to provide encouragement to the individual to be able to interact socially and partake in various activities. 

Complete and maintain accurate timesheets/mileage sheets

Support with administration, paperwork etc

Support to attend medical appointments and GP and hospital.

Support to keep flat clean and tidy.

When mood in low extra encouragement is needed to keep me motivated.

To be flexible with hours worked.

You have a responsibility as an Employee to report all accidents to me as your employer immediately.  You must record all details in the accident book.

You have a duty to report defects and / or hazards which may give rise to an accident.

The Person They Are Looking For

To be even tempered and have an easy going personality.

Be honest, reliable and trustworthy

Be professional, friendly and have willing disposition.

Ability to empathise

Good standard of spoken English

Good communication skills

Possess a strong sense of responsibility

To have good listening skills and be able to provide emotional support.

Able to work flexibly and follow instructions accuracy

Be patient, supportive and caring

To possess motivational skills but to also respect my views and wishes.

Good sense of humour

You will also need to respect my privacy and have an understanding of confidentiality in all areas of your work.

Driver/ car owner required and a willingness to travel.

To be an advocate at times when needed.

A commitment to the care and well-being of the individual

The Times Required

To be discussed at interview stage.

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