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Penderels User Group

Do you want to get involved with the development of the policies and procedures that Penderels Trust put in place? PUGs - helping us to help ourselves to:

  • Get it right
  • Be involved
  • Have fun
  • Share information

Membership of the PUGs group is free and includes:

  • Service users
  • Service users' representatives or carers
  • A Penderels Trust representative


We hold meetings once every three months and we expect every member to attend at least once a year. Most meetings are held at a suitable venue in Coventry and Penderels Trust will pay reasonable travel expenses to enable people from other areas to join in.

Most meetings start at 11 am and include lunch. We will have a number of agenda items to discuss at each meeting but it is also a great opportunity to talk to other people and to share ideas about making the most of your direct payment.

The group recognises that everyone has a valuable contribution to make to the group. Everyone should have the opportunity to express their views.

Penderels User Group (PUGs)
Terms of Reference

PUGs aims to empower Direct Payment users to take part in the policies and practices of future developments of Direct Payment services.

PUGs' purpose is to provide feedback on the work of the support agency Penderels Trust, and to ensure that they continue to address the principles of Direct Payments.

PUGs will represent the views of the service users, rather than an individual viewpoint.

PUGs will also receive, consider and comment on reports and procedures from Penderels Trust.

PUGs will liaise closely with Penderels Trustees on an agreed basis.

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